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a detailed floor plan of the Silent Watcher, an SW-Z Model 2.1 ship, serial number 1. The layout is as follows: in the very front of the ship is the bridge, with a large captain's chair and two smaller chairs for supplementary crew. The left wall contains the computer itself and the right wall contains expansion ports and add-ons storage for it. The very front of the ship is the curved, projection-screen slash windshield. One room back is the foyer/dining room, containing a table and four chairs on the left next to immense cabinet space. To the right is the entrance to the decontamination chamber and through that, the exit hatch to the outside of the ship. The next room back is a small hallway with a door to a large kitchen on the left and two bathrooms on the right. The next hallways back has doors to living quarters on each side for a total of four. The hallway back from that is the final one, with the first officer's quarters and the entertainment room to the left and the massive captain's quarters on the right. The door in the very back of the ship leads to the engine room, where thrusters, fuel, etc. can be maintained. The ship itself is narrowest at the front and expands as it goes further back, as is visible in the floorplan.