EARTH BANNED logo, in dramatic and stylish pink and purple!EARTH BANNED logo, in dramatic and stylish pink and purple!
KOMO! It's everyone's favorite blue alien in pixel form, with her 9 spindly little legs, single oversized red eye, radar-like ears, beak-like lips, extendable neck, and UFO-shaped torso. In this image, she is facing right.    EARTH BANNED logo but it's written in Chinese and is blue and orange. AESTHETIC!     KOMO! It's the same as the last image, but she's facing left! Wowza!
An Episodic Space Opera

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Last updated 6/30/2020: "Episode 7 is up, the entire Episodes and Characters pages have been updated with new content and organized/coded better, navigation from episode to episode has been added on each episode page, the counter has been removed (as it has not worked properly since our URL change), and the Goodies section was updated with Az's most recent transformation."

Team Silent Watcher, 2020. Thanks to our friend Captain for the logos!

An 8-bit icon of a strange plant-like humanoid alien.